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Released: Friday, July 20, 2018
Expires: Saturday, July 31, 2021

A Scientific Review of an All-Natural Teeth Brightening Experience

By Peter Vanstrom, DDS

Commercial Supporter: Curaprox - A Division of Curaden

After a whitening appointment, dentists can provide patients with a maintenance program that effectively removes staining daily. The goal is to help the patient stay continuously within the realm of a bright, natural smile. Many "natural" maintenance options circulating on the Internet may catch a patient's eye. Dentists should understand the science behind these products and objectively identify which products work or do not work. This article reviews various whitening products, such as activated charcoal and blue covarine, with its optic blue illusion instant whitening effect, and examines how to strengthen teeth and maintain healthy smiles through solutions such as nano-hydroxyapatite and fluoride.


  • Evaluate the science behind natural teeth whitening products and staining mechanisms.

  • Assess whitening and strengthening options, such as blue covarine and nano-hydroxyapatite.

  • Describe best practices for limiting abrasiveness and enamel damage from tooth-brushing products.

About the Author

Peter Vanstrom, DDS, Owner, Artistic Dentistry of Atlanta and Atlanta Dental Fitness, Atlanta, Georgia

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