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Advanced Treatment Planning Workshop
Credits: 16.00
This hands-on, interactive experience will put your skills to the test and provide rationale and great discussion that will put philosophy into practice. 

DATE: September 11 - 12, 2015  | LOCATION: Phoenix, AZ
Updates in Clinical Dentistry - Downers Grove/Lombard
Credits: 18.00
Today’s foremost dental educators are coming to Lincolnshire, IL to discuss Updates in Clinical Dentistry, a comprehensive program in contemporary oral healthcare.

DATE: September 11, 2015 | LOCATION: Downers Grove, IL
Growing Your Practice with Implant Dentistry
Credits: 16.00
This seminar is geared towards practitioners seeking to grow their practice with Implant Dentistry while working less. This first-of-its-kind seminar will address surgical and restorative principals of Implant Dentistry as well as the practice management

DATE: September 11 - 12, 2015 | LOCATION: Roselle Park, NJ
Current Trends in Fixed Prosthodontics: A History and Technology Update
Credits: 6.00
Clinical success can be defined as achieving a result that is aesthetic, functional, and predictable. The goal of this course is to provide dentists with a scientifically-based rationale for all diagnostic, treatment planning, and patient care decisions.

DATE: September 16, 2015 | LOCATION: Boston, MA
Medical Emergencies for the Entire Dental Team and Legal Implications for Dental Practitioners
Credits: 6.00
The morning portion of this course will address the prevention and management of medical emergencies in the dental office. In the afternoon participants will learn about malpractice liability.

DATE: September 18, 2015 | LOCATION: Boston, MA
Highly Esthetic Anterior Composite Restoration: Hands-On Course
Credits: 7.50
This presentation will take you to the next level of restorative dentistry. 

DATE: September 19, 2015 | LOCATION: Augusta, GA
Get Ready to Master the Codes, Get More New Patients and Simplify Reimbursement!
Credits: 7.00
This lecture is designed for both dentists and dental staff members who deal with coding and insurance issues, and will include clinical scenarios and administrative solutions to common office problems.

DATE: September 19, 2015 | LOCATION: Boston, MA
Prosthetic Course
Credits: 7.00

Don't miss out on a day of comprehensive implant dentistry. Lectures and hands-on opportunities will increase your knowledge of the best restorative options for treating edentulous and partially edentulous patients with implant-retained prostheses.

DATE: September 23, 2015 | LOCATION: Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Comprehensive Implant Training for the General Dentist
Credits: 64.00
Over the Shoulder Full Mouth Rehabilitation Demonstration Program
Credits: 32.00
This 2 weekend, 4 day demonstration and lecture program allows attendees to experience side by side learning with Dr. John Nosti, as he diagnoses, treatment plans, prepares, provisionalizes, and cements a Full Mouth Rehabilition.

DATE: September 25-26, 2015 AND October 16-17, 2015 | LOCATION: Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Botulinum Toxin (Botox) and Dermal Fillers: A "Refresher" Course for Experienced Clinicians
Credits: 7.00
This course is designed for dentists who have taken TUSDM’s “All-Inclusive Cosmetic Course,” or who have taken a similar course with other providers, and who are interested in developing a broader base of experience regarding facial cosmetics.

DATE: September 26, 2015 | LOCATION: Boston, MA
Core Implant Program - Toronto Fall 2015
Credits: 55.00
This two-session course will review diagnosis, treatment planning, and prosthetic considerations followed by model-based implant surgery and bone grafting.

DATE: Session 1: October 1 - 4, 2015
Session 2: November 12 - 15, 2015 | LOCATION: Richmond Hill, ON

Introduction to Laser Science with Clinical and Hygiene Applications
Credits: 12.00
Harness the power of lasers for your practice! This hands-on program offers a comprehensive look at hard and soft tissue laser applications for the dentist/hygienist team.

DATE: October 2-3, 2015 | LOCATION: Mesa, AZ
Mastering Functional Dentistry: Ultimate Occlusion Level 1
Credits: 16.00
This scientifically based program is designed to enable practitioners to incorporate occlusal stability in their single tooth, quadrant and more complex dentistry.

DATE: October 2 - 3, 2015  | LOCATION: Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Smart Ways to Handle Your Money
Credits: 6.00
Investing and retirement planning is no longer an option but a necessity. This program is designed to help the participant achieve financial independence in today’s fluctuating economy.

DATE: October 2, 2015 | LOCATION: Boston, MA
Anterior Esthetics Live: Predictable Function, Beautiful Form
Credits: 16.00
Experience a live patient, over-the-shoulder program with Dr. Jason Olitsky, an AACD Accredited Member and premier cosmetic dentist in smile design and transformations utilizing state-of-the-art materials.

DATE: October 2-3, 2015 | LOCATION: Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Predictable Immediate Loading of Dental Implants: Design, Timing, and Rationale
Credits: 3.00
In this lecture, the current scientific loading criteria and decision making process for the immediate or early loading will be presented with clinical cases and reliable scientific data.

DATE: Wednesday, October 7, 2015 | LOCATION: Fort Myers, FL
Predictable Immediate Loading of Dental Implants: Design, Timing, and Rationale
Credits: 3.00
In this lecture, the current scientific loading criteria and decision making process for the immediate or early loading will be presented with clinical cases and reliable scientific data.

DATE: Thursday, October 8, 2015 | LOCATION: Altamonte Springs, FL
Simplifying The Restorative Dentist’s Role in Implant Dentistry: An Economical Approach
Credits: 7.00
In this full-day lecture and hands-on workshop, Dr. Allen Schneider will present his insights into how implant overdentures and fixed implant dentistry can be done simply and economically.

DATE: October 9, 2015 | LOCATION: Boston, MA
The Comprehensive Implant Surgery & Team Training Course
Credits: 15.00
This 2-day course is designed to cover the complete prerequisite requirements that will allow you and your staff to begin training. The Comprehensive Implant Surgery and Team Training Course covers a broad simplification of course topics, course objective

DATE: October 9-10, 2015 | LOCATION: Lewis Center, OH
Capture the Perfect Smile and Prepare Effective Marketing Material for your Practice: Digital Photography Techniques for Clinical and Marketing Purposes
Credits: 7.00
Are you using patient photography to its fullest but are not satisfied with the results? Do you use your clinical photographs only for treatment planning and patient records?

DATE: October 10, 2015 | LOCATION: Boston, MA
This Event is Sold Out
Porcelain Laminate Veneers: From Design to Delivery
Credits: 6.00
A smile is one of the most powerful of all human expressions, therefore clinicians are continuously asked to provide esthetic treatments. The key to a clinician achieving a pleasing esthetic result is adequate diagnosis and an evidence-based treatment pla

DATE: October 10, 2015 | LOCATION: Boston, MA
Pushing the Envelope with Stress-Reduced Direct Composite Restorations: A Biomimetic Approach
Credits: 6.00
This program is designed for dentists who wish to improve their technique and increase their success rate with direct posterior composite restorations.

DATE: October 14, 2015 | LOCATION: Boston, MA
Extraction and Immediate Molar Implant Placement
Credits: 7.00
This course presents a new paradigm in minimally invasive surgery, based on diagnosis and treatment planning of questionable and hopeless molar teeth will be presented.

DATE: October 14, 2015 | LOCATION: Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Contemporary Endodontic Techniques and Treatments
Credits: 6.00
This course will allow participants to further their knowledge of current endodontic techniques and treatment concepts. These are areas of endodontic treatment that will benefit your patients and practice on a daily basis!

DATE: October 21, 2015 | LOCATION: Boston, MA
Botulinum Toxin (Botox) and Dermal Fillers: An All-Inclusive Cosmetic Course
Credits: 14.00
This course includes not only live patient care, but also an innovative simulation lab session to provide comfortable practice and promote in-depth technique understanding.

DATE: October 24, 2015 | LOCATION: Boston, MA
Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics for Adolescents and Adults: Segmental & Bidimensional Mechanics and Removable Orthopedic Devices
Credits: 14.00
In this course, Dr. Marcel Korn will discuss an innovative philosophy of treatment planning for Permanent Dentition Cases and the Non-Surgical Treatment of Adults.

DATE: October 24 - 25, 2015 | LOCATION: Boston, MA
Treatment Planning: The Challenges of Simple Cases and Complicated Rehabilitations
Credits: 6.00
In this challenging course, the how’s and why’s of treatment planning will be analyzed and discussed using an evidence-based approach and the available prosthodontic diagnostic and technical tools.

DATE: October 28, 2015 | LOCATION: Boston, MA
Full-Arch Rehabilitations: How to Create Complete Dentures—From Basics to Current Standards
Credits: 6.00
This course will review the knowledge and procedures necessary to create proper complete dentures, from the first visit to delivery.

DATE: October 29, 2015 | LOCATION: Boston, MA
Improved Patient Care Through Lawsuit Protection and Prevention for Dentists
Credits: 5.00
In this course, G. Kent Mangelson, author of Protect Your Assets, The Asset Protection Bible, America’s Greatest Tax Secrets Revealed and Estate Planning Made Easy, will draw on over three decades of financial experience to help participants make sound fi

DATE: October 30, 2015 | LOCATION: Boston, MA
Temporization Course
Credits: 3.00
The course will explore fundamental and advanced concepts in delayed temporization and immediate temporization of immediate placement. The prosthetic design, critical thinking, soft tissue management of those types of cases will be explored.

DATE: November 4, 2015 | LOCATION: Englewood Cliffs, NJ
4-Day Live Surgery
Credits: 40.00
Spend 4 days in Baja immersing yourself in all aspects of implant surgery! The perfect forum to interact with and learn from colleagues. 15 attendees only - register today!

DATE: November 6-9, 2015 | LOCATION: Baja California, Mexico
Are You Up to Date in Dental Hygiene and Prepared for the Future?
Credits: 6.00
Through a power point presentation and group participation, this course addresses current practices, professional issues, standards of care, and new technologies.  Continuing education, career advancement and career paths are explored and discussed.

DATE: November 6, 2015 | LOCATION: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Early Treatment of Malocclusion: A Simplified Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment
Credits: 14.00
In this two-day lecture and hands-on typodont-based course, Dr. Leonard Carapezza will draw on over 30 years of experience treating pediatric malocclusion in order to help course participants diagnose and treat malocclusion consistently and effectively.

DATE: November 6 - 7, 2015 | LOCATION: Boston, MA
Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen Training
Credits: 22.00
This program is designed to train participants in the administration of nitrous oxide inhalation analgesia.

DATE: November 7-8, 2015 | LOCATION: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Mastering Full Mouth Reconstruction: Ultimate Occlusion Level 3
Credits: 16.00
Learn the skills necessary in this small hands on environment to ensure the predictability and success of your restorative treatment and learn how to stage advanced cases for optimal case acceptance. 

DATE: November 13 - 14, 2015  | LOCATION: Las Vegas, NV
The Art of Photography: Techniques for Exquisite Clinical and Portrait Photographs
Credits: 12.00
Learn the skills and techniques needed to incorporate photography into your practice.

DATE: November 13-14, 2015 | LOCATION: Las Vegas, NV
Hypertension and Diabetes
Credits: 6.00
90% of Americans who live to their life expectancy will develop HBP while another 24 million will have active diabetes. 

DATE: November 13, 2015
| LOCATION: Fort Lauderdale, FL

CAMBRA for the Private Practice: Profitable and Uncomplicated
Credits: 5.00
If you have had trouble with implementing a caries management program, or are interested in doing so, then this is the course for you!

DATE: November 13, 2015 | LOCATION: Boston, MA
Lasers for Hard and Soft Tissues: A Hands-On Workshop
Credits: 12.00
The use of lasers for specific procedures found in everyday general practice will be highlighted.

DATE: Nov. 20-21, 2015 | LOCATION: Augusta, GA
DR. HERBERT I. MARGOLIS LECTURESHIP – Miniplate Anchorage for Midface Protraction in Class III Patients and Molar Distalization in Class II Cases
Credits: 6.00
TUSDM is proud to host Dr. Hugo De Clerck as this year’s speaker as part of the annual Herbert I. Margolis Lectureship series. Dr. De Clerk’s lecture will address miniplate anchorage, molar distilization and biomechanical dynamics.

DATE: November 20, 2015 | LOCATION: Boston, MA
Mastering Implant Success
Credits: 18.00
Observe an interdisciplinary team with LIVE surgery and prosthetic treatment.

DATE: December 4-5, 2015 | LOCATION: Glendale, AZ
The Comprehensive Implant Surgery & Team Training Course
Credits: 15.00
This 2-day course is designed to cover the complete prerequisite requirements that will allow you and your staff to begin training. The Comprehensive Implant Surgery and Team Training Course covers a broad simplification of course topics, course objective

DATE: December 4-5, 2015 | LOCATION: Lewis Center, OH
Minimally Traumatic Extraction and Basic Bone Grafting Techniques for Alveolar Ridge Preservation
Credits: 7.00
This course is designed for the practitioner who would like to further understand and learn minimally trau­matic tooth extraction techniques and alveolar ridge preservation procedures. In this hands-on course, participants will learn techniques to preserv

DATE: December 5, 2015 | LOCATION: Boston, MA
Noise-induced Hearing Loss in Dentistry: Facts, Concerns, and a Novel Solution
Credits: 3.00
Noise-induced hearing loss is a significant occupational work hazard in multiple fields, and dentistry is high on that list! In fact, noise-induced hearing loss is the second most common occupational illness today.

DATE: December 5, 2015 | LOCATION: Boston, MA
Crown Lengthening Workshop
Credits: 6.00
This course will provide participants with a maximum “hands-on” experience. The course is designed to provide the dentist with all the principles of hard and soft tissue surgery necessary to plan and carry out crown lengthening procedures.

DATE: December 6, 2015 | LOCATION: Boston, MA
4-Day Implant Course
Credits: 30.00
A comprehensive, 4-day investigation of implantology. From patient evaluation to surmounting complications, learn or refine your implant skills under the tutelage of Dr. Nicolas Elian.

DATE: December 9-12, 2015 | LOCATION: Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Hard and Soft Tissue Lasers
Credits: 20.00
Upon completion of this 2-day training course, the attendee will be certified to use hard- and soft-tissue lasers.

DATE: December 11-12, 2015 | LOCATION: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics™ (Wilckodontics®) At Nova Southeastern University
Credits: 16.00
Take advantage of what the Wilckodontics® System has to offer! 

DATE: January 30-31, 2016 | LOCATION: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Nova Southeastern University's Department of Endodontics 13th Annual Alumni Conference
Credits: 14.00
The basics of endodontic microsurgery will be presented so that more endodontists will consider this option when faced with failed cases.

DATE: February 26 - 27, 2016 | LOCATION: Fort Lauderdale, FL