Infection Control with a Twist

Noel Brandon-Kelsch, RDH, RDHAP, MS

September 2019 Issue
Expires: Friday, September 30th, 2022

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This webinar will explore up to date and practical information designed to keep both the clinician and the client safe. Stressing the essential value of breaking the chain of infection transmission at every level. This webinar will cover practical, clearly defined steps to ensure adequate infection control in the dental setting.

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COST: $0
PROVIDER: Dental Learning Systems, LLC
SOURCE: CDEWorld | September 2019

Learning Objectives:

  • Delineate the regulatory requirements for minimum standards in Infection Control, CDC, OSHA, FDA, EPA and NIOSH
  • Utilize the processes and procedures necessary to comply with the regulations
  • Implement and evaluate workplace application of infection control in the dental setting

Author Qualifications:

Speaker and Writer, Moorpark, California


Ms. Brandon-Kelsch has received an honorarium from Dental Learning Systems, LLC for her preparation and presentation of this program.

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