Managing Xerostomia

Domenica Sweier, DDS, PhD

July 2017 Course
Expires: Friday, July 31st, 2020

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This presentation will review the common complaint of dry mouth in the geriatric population. It will cover causes, symptoms, clinical consequences, and management of dry mouth in geriatric patients in a general dental practice setting.

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COST: $0
PROVIDER: Dental Learning Systems, LLC
SOURCE: CDEWorld | July 2017

Learning Objectives:

  • define reversible and irreversible forms of dry mouth and identify contributing factors to the development of each.
  • determine how saliva and its components contribute to the maintenance of oral health
  • outline regimens for the successful management of dry mouth for dentate and edentulous elderly


Dr. Sweier has received an honorarium from Dental Learning Systems, LLC, for her preparation and presentation of this program.

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