The Impact of NIR Caries Detection on Radiographic Protocols

Jan Myskowski, RDH

May 2017 Course
Expires: Sunday, May 31st, 2020

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The ADA issued Radiographic Protocols in 2012 that focused on an individualized approach to taking X-rays. With the advent of NIR Transillumination caries detection and its many benefits, dental professionals now have more diagnostic options and are not limited to only visual exams and X-rays. This course is designed to educate attendees on NIR Transillumination caries and to open discussion on variables that may cause modifications to their particular protocols.

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SOURCE: Inside Dental Hygiene | May 2017

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the differences in NIR Transillumination and Fluorescence technologies and their applications
  • Recognize ADA Radiographic Protocols for select patient types and appreciate how the use of NIR Caries Detection might modify these protocols
  • Review the importance of creating comprehensive imaging protocols specific to each practice’s diagnostic philosophy and the importance of a team approach to the use of imaging technology


Ms. Myskowski is currently KaVo Kerr Imaging's Clinical Program Manager specializing in Training and Education

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