An Introduction to CAD/CAM Dentures

Thomas S. Giugliano, DDS

August 31, 2016 Course
Expires: Saturday, August 31st, 2019

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This webinar will describe the current state of the new digital denture fabrication process using CAD/CAM technology. It will include clinical and laboratory procedures used in the fabrication of digital dentures, and how adding this procedure can improve your practice production.

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COST: $0
PROVIDER: Dental Learning Systems, LLC
SOURCE: CDEWorld | August 2016

Learning Objectives:

  • describe the "one step" impression technique;
  • discuss how to obtain maxillo-mandibular records (VDO and CR) without the use of wax occlusion rims
  • review the advantages and disadvantages of digital dentures


Dr. Giugliano has received an honorarium from Dental Learning Systems, LLC, for his preparation and presentation of this program.

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