Bringing in a New Patient: Scheduling for Success

John Cranham, DDS

April 15, 2015 Course - Expires April 30th, 2018

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Dr. Cranham’s lecture will discuss why a properly planned schedule is a critical building block for your success as well as tips for building a schedule that works for your entire team.

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COST: $0
PROVIDER: Dental Learning Systems, LLC
SOURCE: The Dawson Academy | April 2015

Learning Objectives:

  • Review how to schedule shoppers, insurance-focused patients, and emergencies to ensure you have time in your week to support a steady stream of new patients.
  • Discuss the importance of finding time to work through each case using cast models.
  • Review what to keep in mind when laying our your schedule for the week.


The author reports no conflicts of interest associated with this work.

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