Integrating Oral Health into Overall Health Summary

Released in December 2021, the summary from the Continuum on the Benefits of Integrating Oral Health into Overall Health is a thorough review of the detailed discussion undertaken by 56 presenters from multiple sectors and perspectives. The themes that arise draw from insights from basic science and technologies, clinical practice, economic analyses, insurance plans, health system integration initiatives and community partnerships. These themes, and their implementation support a person-centered, integrated health system that includes oral health.

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Six Main Themes

  • Improving health equity
  • Leveraging science and technologies
  • Studying novel integration initiatives for scaling up
  • Optimizing the use of the health workforce
  • Advocating for meaningful policy change
  • Applying oral health/health literacy skills
Access Executive and Salon Summaries

To accelerate progress will require extensive partnering and seizing this defining moment. We invite you to access the detailed discussion of these themes along with brief session summaries and takeaways.

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