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January 27, 2017

Using a New Attachment System for Fixed Full-Arch Restorations

By Robert Del Castillo, DMD
Supported by Zest Anchors, LLC

Many patients with fully edentulous arches are candidates for implant-supported or retained denture prostheses, which eliminate many of the issues experienced with traditional dentures. However, the CBCT data on which implant positioning is based may lead to a prosthesis that does not passively fit. Although screw-retained hybrid abutment solutions have helped to resolve this challenge, the procedures involved are time consuming for the dentist, laboratory technician, and patient. An alternative to cement- or screw-retained implant attachments is a fixed locator attachment system for rigid connection of full-arch restorations onto endosseous dental implants that is simpler to place, more precise, and easier to maintain by eliminating the need for cement, screw access channels, screws, and composite filling materials.


  • Discuss the limitations of CBCTs when planning implant/abutment position for retaining full-arch prostheses.

  • Describe the approaches for overcoming deviations in implant/abutment positioning when retaining full-arch prostheses.

  • Explain necessary considerations when selecting cement- or screw-retained abutments for full-arch prostheses.

  • Describe the components of a removable attachment system for fixed full-arch restorations.

About the Author

Robert Del Castillo, DMD
Private Practice, Miami Lakes, Florida

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